Why is the virtual office in Amsterdam becoming a valuable possession for any business?

Before we start introducing the virtual office Amsterdam and the benefits of having a virtual office in Amsterdam, we will explain what is is exactly. It is true that an address in any of the two largest cities in The Netherlands will enhance the presence of you on the market, because you have a premium location and you safe costs for renting actual office. That is already one benefit of the virtual office in (for instance) Amsterdam. The other large city is Rotterdam. Opening a Netherlands virtual office is a good option for people that do not have rented physical offices in The Netherlands. Why wouldn’t they do this? That is mainly because the local tax authorities may consider that this office will be perceived as a substance, which you wan’t to prevent. By opening a virtual office in Amsterdam of Rotterdam, you can prevent that the local authorities will do so. Do you want to know more about this cities? You can read about it below:

  • General information about Amsterdam
  • What Rotterdam is famous for
  • What you can in Rotterdam

Considering starting a virtual office in Amsterdam?

So, are you considering starting a virtual office in Amsterdam or Rotterdam? You might want to know more about Amsterdam and Rotterdam then. Starting a business in Amsterdam? You can visit iamsterdam.com, for instance, because this place provides a lot of information about starting a business, your own business in Amsterdam. General information can also be found, it is good to read in before you start setting up your business in The Netherlands, but you won’t regret it, because this county and especially the cities that are mentioned are good for starting a business.

Information about the city Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Amsterdam and Rotterdam are both cities of enterprises, that is one thing that is for sure. It is located in the Western of The Netherlands and although the seat of Netherlands government is located in The Hague, Amsterdam is the nominal capital and the country’s largest city with a population of more than 850.000. Besides, the currency in this country is the Euro and it is used in almost all countries within the European Union, good to now. And don’t forget about Brexit, as Britain leaved the European Union recently, the currency will also change. But not this year, because the following eleven months, not much will change, especially not if it is about trade. A virtual office in Amsterdam is possible, even if you are from Britain. And what about Rotterdam then? What is Rotterdam famous for, for example? You know now that it is the second largest city in The Netherlands and that it has one of the largest ports of the world. Most important for this port is the petrochemical industry. The harbor functions as an important transit point for transport of bulk and also for other good between the European continent as well as other parts of the world. Next to the harbor, you can also visit the Markthal of you can visit the famous Cube houses. The Netherlands is not only good for the virtual office, in Amsterdam and Rotterdam is so much more to do!

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