Where to buy a face cream with cbd oil?

Cibdol is a Swiss company that produces a completely natural cbd oil. In their own labs they grow the hemp plants themselves, and use only the latest scientific processes to produce one of the highest quality organic cannabinoid oil. At their informative website cbd51 they tell you everything about the purposes of cbd oil, and what products they have developed that contain this amazing ingredient. Face cream for example. At Cibdol they are convinced of the many benefits that cannabinoid oil has, and therefor they concluded it could also help people with skin issues. Their range of skin products is developed for those who prefer a natural approach and want to help their skin using nothing but the best, 100% organic ingredients. Cibdol currently has the following skin care products available in their webshop:

  • Soridol (psoriasis cream) with cbd
  • Aczedol (acne cream) with cbd
  • cbd anti aging cream
  • cbd day and night cream
  • cbd eye gel roller
  • cbd lip balm

All of these products are produced in their own labs in Switzerland, using nothing but natural ingredients and ofcourse, soms cbd oil. They are one of the first to have launched these wonderful cbd beauty products, and are continuously expanding their range. 

How cbd oil is being produced

At Cibdol they are very proud of the fact that they work completely fair, natural and transparant. They use every way possible to ensure that all the ingredients for their cbd oil are 100% natural. When buying cannabinoid oil it’s very important to look for a company with these values. You don’t want to take the oil to help your nervous system, and at the same time take toxins in that do the exact opposite. That’s why Cibdols oils are so popular. Cibdol not only claims to have a completely natural approach, but also proves this by being very transparant about their production process, showing you how it’s made. And during the entire proces of producing their cbd oil and other products that contain cbd, they aim to tread lightly on the environment and limit their carbon footprint as much as possible. They are very aware of the impact that big companies have on the environment, and wish to keep theirs as small as possible. Please keep that in mind when looking for a webshop that sells cannabinoid oils, cause not all of the oils come from production companies with such a clear vision on how to help the planet.

A webshop with cbd products

The advantage of Cibdols webshop with cbd oil is that you don’t need to leave your house to buy it. Their wide range of cannabinoid products are all available online. The oils themselves (with several percentages of cbd oil), the cbd face creams, other types of oils with added cbd and of course their cbd supplements. These are great for people who wish to boost their health even more. Taking a daily vitamin supplement can help you become healthier, because your body simply gets what it needs to recover and thrive. With the added cbd to Cibdols supplements they double the effect of these pills, making them even more effective. All of these cbd products are available in their webshop and can be delivered in each and every country in Europe. 


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