Where can I buy a Bucket Conveyor?

Horizontal and vertical bulk transport in one, that is where the Bucket Elevator stands for. For already more than 65 years, Apollo has been one of the leading Bucket Elevator manufacturers en the Bucket Elevator can be bought via apollobv.com. 

Why should I choose for the Apollo Bucket Elevator?

There are many reasons to give why you should choose for the Apollo Bucket Elevator, amongst others the following reasons we found:

  • Low maintenance 
  • Additional options
  • One drive
  • No damage or change of the product

The Bucket Elevator you can buy makes it possible that you can transport products in a horizontal and a vertical direction. The horizontal part works as follows. In the horizontal part below, bucket-series are filled with products. These products have to be transported and at the end, thee will transport the product in the vertical direction. Because there are additional options, there is a lot possible with this Bucket Conveyor and there is no damage or change of the product, which is a good thing. Apollo BV strive to deliver installations of excellent quality, so their standard elevator buckets are made from approved (FDA) materials. These are just a few reasons for why you should chooses for the Apollo Bucket Conveyor. Besides the main models they offer, there are other models and types that they offer. If you want to know more about Apollo BV or about the Bucket Conveyor, you can always send us an email or contact them directly, to get an answer as soon as possible. Apollo and their products are always moving forward. Beautiful, isn’t it? 

More about vertical transport systems

It might be that you are not looking for the Bucket Conveyor, but that you want to receive more information about vertical transport systems. You are on the right address then. Apollo VTS (Apollo Vertical Transport Systems) is world’s leading supplier of vertical conveying systems and they pursue the following key elements: high quality machines (like we already mentioned), thinking in solutions and not in problems and a very important one: the customer comes first. 24/7 customer service and flexibility is very important and these are special key elements people chooses for. We can understand this. There are different types, amongst others the spiral conveyors, bucket elevators and product twisters. If you want to save floor space and if you want to increase your throughput with the Single Lane Spiral Conveyor, Apollo is the right place for you then. These Conveyors operate 24/7, have a low noise level, built-in protection and they are also easy to construct. This Single Lane Vertical Conveying System doe increase efficiency and this Conveying System is also designed to make it possible that more floor space will be created, which is very valuable indeed. Vertical transport systems are important for Apollo, as they are always improving and they hope you also so. All of the Conveyors are quipped with a guiding system and because of the fact that no lubrication its needed, there is a low noise level. Will you choose for Apollo BV too? 

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