Need a partner for company formation in The Netherlands?

Are you looking for business opportunities in Europe? Company formation in The Netherlands might be just the right opening for expansion into Europe, for your business. Whether you are operating from Asia, the Middle East, Africa or the USA, company formation in The Netherlands is a perfect way to open an extra location in Europe. Doing business in The Netherlands has several advantages, We are more than happy to share those advantages with you below and to offer our services for company formation in The Netherlands. Navigating this process can be difficult when time on your hands is short. Therefore, Dike International offers assistance to all entrepeneurs who are looking for business opportunities in Europe and especially in The Netherlands. It is possible to in The Netherlands in a matter of only five days. 

Advantages of company formation in The Netherlands

The Netherlands have always been a trading nation. The history of the Dutch is intertwined with their own trading activities in The Netherlands and elsewhere in the world. This has lead the country to be very open to business owners and to generally have an openminded culture. Furthermore, the Dutch government offers entrepeneurs all kinds of tax benefits, open to foreign business owners too. Company formation in The Netherlands is encouraged by the government, and foreign business owners are generally very welcome to open their businesses here. The Netherlands offers other advantages that make trading easy and profitable:

  • large and highly functioning Rotterdam Harbor
  • Schiphol airport and other smaller airports
  • excellent infrastructure into other countries
  • open borders (Schengen treaty)
  • excellent educational level of employees

The Dutch economy is flourishing and has not been in this condition for years. If you are looking for expansion in Europe and The Netherlands, this is the moment to go forward. Dike International can be a valuable partner in the process of company formation. 

How can we help?

You might wonder what Dike International can do for you. This all depends on your business needs and your own knowlegde and time concerning company formation in The Netherlands. We have assisted over 500 different entrepeneurs in company formation from over thirty countries. We always offer the opportunity to get to know us, and of course we want to get to know you. Based on a first meeting, we can discuss further action. Whether you need a translator, want assistance in setting up your company or want a personal assistant, we can get you everything you need. Please contact us for more information about our services or schedule a meeting with one of our experts on company formation in The Netherlands. It is even possible to get assistance in setting up a business plan. Of course, we take into account the Dutch economy and give advice on the best way forward. This way, your business in The Netherlands will be profitable in no time. Several agencies and companies that offer support services are in our network. We can contact accounting agencies, transportation experts and the like to get your business going. Make your next business effort in The Netherlands a success with help of Dike International

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