Make your first steps into the Estepona property market

Make your first steps into the Estepona property marketEven if you are only just starting to dream of a distant retirement, it is time to start thinking about investing in an Estepona property. Given the well publicised disastrous state of pensions in the United Kingdom in the last decade, if you want to have a comfortable retirement you are much better off investing in bricks and mortar, a place to relax in your retirement, a house or apartment to rent out when you are not there or a place to spend long holidays. An Estepona property may be the very best option available. If you do not already know, Estepona is a small town on Spain’s Costa del Sol, the southern coastline of the Spanish mainland. The area is best known for Marbella, Fuengirola, Torremolinos and Malaga, which means that the Estepona property market still has not grown to the same levels as the better know towns. Believe us, however, that it will, and soon. Estepona property prices are almost certain to rise rapidly in the next decade, partially due to:

  • The town’s location on the coast;
  • A beautiful sandy beach;
  • The growing amount of amenities in the area;
  • Increasing access to and from bigger towns and airports;
  • Modern, high quality buildings.

Key points to consider when choosing an Estepona property

The Estepona property market has an increasing number of options. There are small bungalows, chalets, apartments and penthouses. A lot of Estepona property options have access to a shared swimming pool, while the best appointed often have a private swimming pool. Air conditioning is virtually standard, and also virtually a requirement given the summer temperatures in the area. Finding Estepona property with a sea view is not a challenge because of the town’s spread along the seafront and slight incline inland, and many buildings take advantage of this with spacious, sea-facing balconies. The old town area has its charms and is certainly worth considering if you enjoy Spanish culture, but the newer areas of town are often more tranquil as well as allowing more space for important points like parking space. Then, just as anywhere else, the potential for rising prices in the Estepona property market is worth taking into consideration. A modern apartment in the right area is likely to rise in price and act as a strong investment very rapidly, as well as being easier to rent out as a holiday rental or to sell on when the time comes. If you take all of these points into consideration, an Estepona property can become the best investment you will ever make.

Finding the right place for you

Of course, entering the Estepona property market while living in the United Kingdom can seem daunting, particularly if it would be your first foreign investment. Fortunately, professional assistance is easy to find. By going to you can search through an impressive listing of high-quality properties along the Costa del Sol, including in and around Estepona. They list everything from small apartments to multi-million euro villas and penthouses, with almost every conceivable option covered. Realista are experts in the market in the area and are able to provide help and advice every steps of the way, to ensure that you cover every point necessary to complete your purchase, make your investment and make all of the arrangements necessary when purchasing in Estepona. They have 25 years of local experience and their agents speak English and are easy to contact, so you can relax and allow them to guide you through the entire process.

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