How to easily register a company in the Netherlands

If you have ambitions in the Netherlands and you wish to set up a company in this country, it is required to register the company in the Netherlands. Now given the fact the boarders in the EU are open, it is relatively easy to actually register a company in the Netherlands. But even riding a bike seems like a very difficult challenge before you know how to ride a bike. In other words, you either need someone to clearly tell you what to do or you just make sure you rely on a reliable partner who does it for you. For both these options you can go to Here you can find out exactly what is needed if you want to register a company in the Netherlands. You will need certain documents and in some cases licenses. The point is of course that in most cases you will most likely already have all that you require since your company is already existing. The only thing is that the company needs to be registered. It would be very strange indeed if you desired to register a company in the Netherlands even though you have not yet created a company. For instance, in order to register a company in the Netherlands, you need to have a company name. Now if you try to register a non-existing company with no name, you will be unable to do so. All this is obvious, but it is also meant to illustrate that registering a company is merely a formality, since the borders are open and a country like the Netherlands is eager to receive more companies. More companies means more business which means more money getting pumped into the economy. However, you will need to perform all the required steps. To make sure everything goes as it should, you would do well to rely on Intercompany Solutions can help you register your company so that you can open your doors to Dutch clients, customers and partners. So if you are curious to find out what is required of you when you want to register a company in the Netherlands, just visit the website. 

Get in contact with Intercompany Solutions to register a company in the Netherlands

If you indeed own a business and you want to expand to the Netherlands, you are most likely very busy to set everything up. For this reason it would be very comfortable if you have a partner by your side to assist you with all the formalities when it comes to registering a company in the Netherlands. This makes the entire process very easy for you, and that makes it easier for you to spend your time on various other tasks. To register a company in the Netherlands is most likely the very least of your concerns. Be that as it may, it is in fact a necessary concern.

A few essentials you need for registering a company

Once you decided to register a company in The Netherlands, you will need a few things. First and foremost you will need the following things: 

  • A passport copy
  • A utility bill
  • A power of attorney

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