Debt collection lawyer

A debt collection lawyer is occasionally simply necessary. The debt collection lawyers of Finanza Debt Collection Solutions are the very best in the field and will help you collecting your debt, no matter what the situation may be. We have over 20 years of experience as a debt collection agency in the Netherland and have handled many different cases of debt collection. We work for all kinds of clients, ranging from big financial institutions to small businesses that need help collecting their debts. Debt collection can be a very sensitive topic and can be hard to deal with personally. It is therefore important to quickly contact us when you have suspicions that your debts are not going to be paid, so we can get ahead of the problem. A debt collection lawyer will work with you to find a solution that is satisfactory for both you and your clients, while working discreetly and quickly. This way your debt will quickly be paid and you will not lag behind on important revenue. Contact us now to hear about the possibilities and to talk to a debt collection lawyer now.

The right debt collection lawyer for you

As we said before, debt collection is a difficult and sensitive situation. You rely on the word of your customers that they will pay you back and it is very easy to just ‘give them another week’. Weeks turn into months and before you know it you are lagging behind on revenue and what seemed like a simple problem has now become a big problem. Often there is also a personal side to the story, making it even more difficult to deal with the situation. A debt collection lawyer can help you separate the personal side from the business side and can work for you to collect the debt. The debt collection lawyers of Finanza have years of experience in the business and know exactly what they need to do to quickly collect your debt. When collecting debt is very important that your debt collection lawyer uses the correct strategy. Not surprisingly, a strategy that focuses on aggressively targeting your client is not always the most effective one. This approach might have an adverse effect and may result in the customer not paying at all, simply out of obstinacy. Here at Finanza Debt Collection Solutions we believe in a diplomatic approach and this is what your debt collection lawyer will usually use. With this approach you maintain a good relationship with your clients and yet at the same time you also ensure a maximum outcome. If you are wary of this approach and are not sure if it is a successful one, you only need to look at our success rate. Our success rate is considerably higher than average, something that we are very proud of. And of course this diplomatic approach extends to dealing with as our client. Our debt collection lawyer will keep you informed of every step we take and will explain why certain things are done that way, so you know exactly what is happening.

A versatile approach

A debt collection lawyer must not only excel in the diplomatic approach, but also have an extensive knowledge of the legal system and to laws surrounding debt collection. Our lawyers know the ins and outs of the Dutch legal system and know exactly what needs to be done in order to collect your debt quickly. Whether is defending yourself against possible legal loopholes or filing yourself, your debt collection lawyer from Finanza will help and support you. Read more on the website :

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