Change to a long lasting PTFE conveyor belt and increase production efficiency

PTFE has qualities that make it a great material for the production of conveyor belts. At Hardick, we work with PTFE, also known as Teflon, for over fourty years. We know this material by heart and have continually developed our PTFE products. When you are in need of an excellent conveyor belt that is heat resistant, we recommend a PTFE conveyor belt. These conveyor belts are known to last long, increase production efficiency and prevent failures during production. Since PTFE is higly heat resistant, it can be used in production environments that make use of hot components, such as ovens. The food and automotive industry already make use of our PTFE conveyor belt. It might just be the best belt for your production environment. These belts prevent sticking of food products or other materials to the conveyor belt, and therefore ensure a smooth transportation of all materials in your production environment. Our PTFE conveyor belt is even FDA approved, which makes it possible to transport materials that are processed into food destined for the US market. This is an important feature for most of our customers who work in the food industry, and it might help you gain an advantage in production.

PTFE conveyor belt: why Hardick?

You might wonder why to choose us over any other manufacturer of a PTFE conveyor belt. With our wide experience we are able to help any business develop a smoother production process. Our services include more than delivering a standard PTFE conveyor bekt. After contacting us, you will receive an answer in one to three days, in which we are able to give you advice on the best product. We think with you and your experts about the best solution for your problem and ensure a smooth transition if you want to change your regular conveyor belt to a PTFE conveyor belt. Furthermore, we offer:

  • a wide range of PTFE belts and other products
  • PTFE glass products
  • support team availabe
  • custom made design solutions

It is even possible to discuss your needs on location, where our experts can look into your problem and can come up with a solution as soon as possible. 

Product range

Our website gives you an overview of our products, for which we make use of PTFE or PTFE glass. Here, you can easily distinguish the different features of all our products. Making a choice for a PTFE conveyor belt becomes a lot easier this way. Not familiar with PTFE yet? Then, we recommend making use of our sample service. All our clients can order up to three samples of a fabric they want to see, feel and hold. Your samples will be delivered within several days, after which making a choice for the right fabric is easy. Of course, you can always rely on our experts to give you advice and to help you navigate placing your order. Do you have questions about our products or the installment of your PTFE conveyor belt? Don’t hesitate to call us or visit We are here for you with all our knowledge about PTFE products. 

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