Buying our Benahavis property

Spain has been our go to holiday country for as many years. It just never disappoints. Wherever you go in Spain, it is always beautiful, the food is always good and the people are nice. It did not take us long to start dreaming of living here for good. We are originally from The Netherlands, but we always felt like we were not really at home there. The people are very strict and do not get me started on the horrible weather! At first, we thought it would be almost impossible to move to Spain. We especially loved the Costa del Sol region and we were dreaming of owning a Benahavis property. This is by far our favourite town in Spain.

  • Narrow street
  • White buildings
  • Flowers everywhere

If you have ever been to this small town in the Costa del Sol, you will know exactly what we are talking about. This town is so beautiful. The narrow street with the gorgeous white buildings. There has never been a moment that I got tired of the views that you have here. It is absolutely stunning. So of course I wanted to own a white Benahavis property. A couple of years ago we started looking into it, but soon we discovered that buying a Benahavis property came at a very expensive price and unfortunately we could not afford that. So we kept on dreaming and dreaming. One rainy afternoon in The Netherlands I was googling once more what the possibilities were for buying our own Benahavis property and that is when I ended up on the website

Getting help with our Benahavis property

It was absolutely amazing to see what they could do for us at Realista Quality Properties Marbella. From helping with buying your own Benahavis property to arranging a visa when you need it. The latter was not for us, with a Dutch passport you are free to go wherever you want in the Europian Union, but it is good to know that when you are from overseas this is definitely the company to go to. We are very enthusiastic about the services that they offer. It is thanks to them that we now have our own Benahavis property. We did no longer have to worry about the high prices and having to look around for where the best properties are. At this company they have all the knowledge you could need in this area. When we told them what we were looking for in a Benahavis property, they immediately had a list of properties where we definitely had to take a look. Of course that is exactly what we did. On our own we would never have been able to find this, but now finding our own Benahavis property was all of the sudden no problem anymore. We could not have been happier.

Living in Benahavis

The moment things started to get real with buying our Benahavis property we put our house in the Netherlands on the market and before we knew it we were actually living in the beautiful town of Benahavis. Now every day we are enjoining the sunshine here (even in the middle of winter) and the food here is absolutely amazing. Did you know they have the highest concentration of restaurants here? Even after living here for quiet some time, we still have not been able to visit them all. There are that many! It is truly an amazing place and we are very thankful for the people at Realista Quality Properties Marbella for helping us find this!

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